Healthcare and Medical Resume Writing Tips

When writing resumes for healthcare professionals, it is all about quality, competence, versatility, and compassion. As a Certified Resume Specialist in Healthcare & Medical (CRS+HM), I understand how critical it is to strike the perfect balance between hard and soft skills while still keeping the reader engaged. Specialization in a specific patient population or medical […]

Is Your Resume Ready for the New Year?

Prepare your resume for 2014 now and be ready to hit the ground running. Unless you’re in retail, business tends to slow down over the holiday season. It can be tempting to put your job search on pause, but don’t – use this “downtime” to revisit your resume and ensure it’s ready for 2014. An […]

Design Ideas for Resume Core Competencies

Effective ways to display your key skills We have covered the importance of resume core competencies in past posts, and you likely understand by now how application tracking systems (ATS) work and how prevalently they are used by employers. While it is critical to know what to include in this section of your resume, it […]

Resume Writing Tips for Accounting Professionals

Guest Blog by Freddie Rohner, CARW, CRS + AF Resume Writer, As a Certified Resume Specialist in Accounting and Finance (CRS + AF), I write a lot of resumes for “numbers people.” The best thing about working with clients in the accounting field is that there are a lot of opportunities available at any […]

Hobbies and Interests on a Resume

Are they ever relevant? Most lists of “Resume Don’ts” include hobbies or interests, advising you to leave those off of your resume and save them for the interview, ONLY if appropriate. Scrapbooking, bird watching, or jigsaw puzzles, for example, are activities that will most likely not help you land an interview and therefore do not […]

New Year, New Resume

By Natalie Urquhart, CARW Quick tips for updating your resume. A new year inspires change. Even if you are not actively searching for a different position, channel some of that energy into updating your resume so it is ready to go if a new opportunity arises. Here are a few things to keep in mind […]

Avoiding Repetitive Content in Your Resume

Be creative and use a wide vocabulary to keep the reader’s attention. It can be difficult to avoid utilizing the same action words over and over again in your resume (especially if you have held similar roles throughout your career) however, with just a little extra effort and creativity, you can add variety to your […]

New Graduate Resumes

Tips for showcasing your unique qualifications as an entry-level candidate. As a recent graduate, being a student has essentially been your full-time job for the past few years. This does not mean you have “no experience.” Internships, volunteer roles, major class projects, and other unpaid efforts all contribute to your experience and knowledge and can […]

Resume Red Flags

Strategies for Downplaying Your Unavoidable “Red Flags” There are critical mistakes you can avoid on your resume, however not all “red flags” are completely avoidable. Some of these stem from your career timeline – history that you cannot change. There are specific strategies you can use to help downplay these issues and emphasize what you […]