Gathering Achievements for Your Healthcare Resume

Strengthen your resume with results specific to your field.

Employers want to know why they should hire you and not one of the other hundreds or thousands applicants. What’s in it for them? The best way to answer this question on your resume is with measurable accomplishments: real-life examples of how you have made a positive impact in your career. For many job seekers, coming up with achievements for their resume is difficult, and for those in the healthcare industry, achievements aren’t always as simple as increases in sales and revenue.  Though you may not be privy to the direct impact of your efforts on the bottom line, that doesn’t mean you don’t have significant accomplishments to tout as a healthcare professional.

Think of instances when you…

  • Went beyond your position’s requirements to accomplish a task. Example: Volunteered to participate in a special project transferring paper charts to a new digital system.
  • Found a new way to perform a task that saved time, costs, and resources.  Example: Revised the organization of medical supplies that improved ease-of-reference and inventory control functions.
  • Strictly followed all operational guidelines and regulations. Example: Key player in department achieving perfect score on external accreditation survey.
  • Provided consistent, high-quality care to all patients. Example: Increased patient satisfaction 20%, retention 15%, and referral rates 5%.
  • Received thank you notes from patients. Example: Continually receive personal requests and commendations from patients and family members.
  • Worked well with staff from other departments. Example: Built strong, collaborative relationships with members of multidisciplinary medical team, resulting in improved operational efficiency and patient care.
  • Trained others. Example:Provided one-on-one training to new team members, enhancing confidence and enabling them to function independently within a few weeks.
  • Covered for an associate. Example: Regularly cover others’ shifts in their absence and work extended hours to ensure timely delivery of care.
  • Responded effectively to a crisis situation. Example: Maintained composure and took charge following serious traffic accident involving 20+ patients, working with emergency care staff to prioritize and treat critical injuries.

These are just a few examples of accomplishments that can add a lot of value to a healthcare professional’s resume and generate interest in hiring managers. Stating you are a team player and detail-oriented professional is one thing – if you can back those qualifications up with real-world examples, the more powerful your resume will be. Let your specific achievements – that others can’t claim – stand you out among the crowd.


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