The Job Search Portfolio

Beyond the resume and cover letter

The resume and cover letter are must-have documents for a successful job search, however it can be a challenge to squeeze all of your experience and qualifications within 2 pages. Depending on your industry and career level, you may have much more to share with potential employers. Creating a job search portfolio enables you to provide hiring managers with all of the “extras” that may very well set you apart from your competition.  It is also highly beneficial for you to have all of these documents in one place to readily send to employers upon request (and to show off your preparedness).

Here are a few items to consider including in your job search portfolio:

  • References page(s)
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Accolades from clients, coworkers, and/or supervisors (commonly titled “What Others Say”)
  • Executive bio
  • Project lists – especially relevant for construction or architectural professionals
  • Work samples – especially relevant for writers or designers
  • List of publications and/or presentations
  • Media engagements
  • Personal statement
  • List of additional training, professional development, etc.

You could take this a step further by hosting all of these documents on a website and including a link or QR code to the website on your resume. Always be cautious of what you decide to post online – for example, you don’t want your references’ contact information falling into the wrong hands.


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