Why Hire a Professional Resume Writer?

Advantages to working with a professional resume writer.

September is Update Your Resume Month. If you are a strong writer and have the time to research modern resume writing strategies, the need to hire a professional resume writer to assist you with improving your resume may not be necessary. For others, leaving this often daunting task in the hands of a professional proves to be a worthy investment. Here are a few key advantages to hiring a professional resume writer:

  • Expertise. Simply put, professional resume writers are professional writers that write resumes. They are experts in their craft and have mastered both the “art” and “science” of resume writing. Certified resume writers must either attend training programs, submit samples, and/or pass exams to earn their certification and reach a set amount of continuing education credits to maintain their credential.
  • Quality writing. You may do very little writing and/or are not required to be a strong writer in order to succeed in your field. However, a successful resume is a well-written resume. Hiring a professional resume writer results in a quality document that concisely and strategically sells you to your next employer.
  • Dedication. Professional resume writers choose this occupation because they are driven by their clients’ successes and enjoy working with people. Helping others achieve their employment objectives is at the core of their professional goals. And of course, they enjoy writing quality documents.
  • Personalized Service. Great professional resume writers take the time to fully understand your current objective and career history before developing a custom document unique to your specific situation.   
  • Time savings. By hiring a professional resume writer to write your resume, you save time and frustration and can focus on other areas of your job search. This is a highly valuable resource for those who are currently employed, are building a resume from scratch, or haven’t had to search for a job in many years and don’t know where to start.
  • Outsider’s perspective. Professional resume writers expertly analyze your experience history and ask the right questions to uncover critical details (qualifications, accomplishments, etc.) that you may not have even thought of or have overlooked. It can be difficult to step back and take an objective look at your own experience.
  • Insider’s perspective. Through research, conferences, training programs, and other continuing education opportunities, professional resume writers remain current with the latest job search trends. They keep up to date with hiring manager preferences, application strategies, and more.

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