No pictures, please.

Reasons for Leaving Your Picture off of Your Resume

If you have considered including a picture of yourself within or attached to your resume, don’t do it. Even with the use of social media platforms for job searching, headshots still do not belong on a resume. Here are a few of the main reasons why you should not include a photo of yourself on your resume:

  • It won’t convert or be compatible with ATS. Many online resume converters will not translate photos (or any other images) within a resume. Some may discard them all together while others may include a blank box with a small red “x” in it. Either way, you are taking up precious space on your resume for a picture that won’t even be seen.
  • It puts HR in a difficult position. Including a photo of yourself on your resume gives hiring managers details that are illegal to consider in hiring decisions. Some companies reject resumes with photos right away to avoid the issue entirely.
  • It is irrelevant and distracting. Let your qualifications, experience, and accomplishments speak for your professionalism.
  • It may send an unintended message. By including a photo, what message are you really sending? Are you telling employers your looks will help them make the decision to interview or hire you?

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