Infographic Resumes

To Infographic or Not to Infographic: Thoughts on the Infographic Resume Trend and a Few of My Favorites

Defined briefly, an infographic is a visual representation of information. As a resume writer who firmly believes that content should drive format, I will admit that infographic resumes make me a little nervous. Is content still “king” in an infographic resume? Are they appropriate for all job seekers and industries? What about candidates with very little “infographable” data in their career histories?

When executed correctly, an infographic is interesting, informative, easy to understand, and, in my opinion, a unique piece of digital art (sorry template users) with just the right amount of personality and cleverness. If you are considering transforming your existing resume into an infographic, I would encourage you to keep these things in mind as well as your audience. An infographic resume is still a resume and should quickly provide the reader (hiring manager) with the information they need to make an informed decision. Additionally, don’t consider your infographic resume a replacement for your traditional, ATS-friendly resume. Use each version when appropriate.

There are a lot of great – and not so great – infographic resume examples out there. Below are a few of my favorites because they all achieve 3 things: readability, simplicity, and quality content. If you think an infographic resume will help you in your job search, create one and put it to the test. If an infographic resume will stand out in your industry for the wrong reasons but you like the idea of a colorful, eye-catching document, consider sticking to the design tools available in your word processor to amp it up.

2 thoughts on “Infographic Resumes

  1. Is there a place to learn to design infographics?

    If this become the norm a lot of resume writers I know will seek out other professions.

    • Check out and for infographic courses/MOOCs. I don’t think infographic resumes will become the norm, and as you can see by the examples I posted, they are most prevalent among graphic/web designers and other creative types. These individuals can design their own infographic resumes but may seek the assistance of a professional resume writer for content.

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