9 Common Career Transitions

And the Transferable Skills that Support Them

careerchangeAs a resume writer, I frequently work with individuals who have made or are seeking to make significant career changes from one industry to another. Some of the most critical elements of an effective career-changer resume are transferable skills – the experience and qualifications from Career A that will help the job seeker succeed in Career B.

Below are a few common career changers along with examples of applicable transferable skills.

  1. HR to Social Work: Conflict Resolution, Assessment/Evaluation, Advocacy, Documentation, Reporting, Interviewing
  2. Sales to Recruiting: Account Management, Networking, Relationship Building, Cold Calling
  3. Educational Leadership to HR Leadership: Performance Evaluation, Change Management, Employee Relations, Staff Training & Development, Regulatory Compliance, Hiring/Recruiting
  4. Nurse to Medical Billing & Coding: Charting, Filing/Recordkeeping, Medical Terminology, Patient Relations
  5. Retail to Financial Services: Customer Service, Needs Assessment, Product/Service Knowledge, Cash Handling
  6. Medical Device Sales to Radiologic Technology: Customer Service, Technical Troubleshooting, Medical Terminology, Data Entry, Filing/Recordkeeping
  7. Law Enforcement/Public Safety to Nursing: Assessment, Emergency Response, Communication, Documentation, Patient/Public Relations
  8. Legal Services to HR: Filing/Recordkeeping, Documentation, Staff Support, Regulatory Compliance
  9. Real Estate to Insurance Sales: Networking/Community Relations, Relationship Building, Marketing, Account Management

Regardless of the career change you’re making, be sure to go beyond simply listing your transferable skills somewhere in the resume. They should also be demonstrated with concrete examples of how these qualifications were effectively put into action and the tangible results of your efforts (sell it; don’t tell it). Plus, highlighting achievements from your prior career will give you an advantage over new graduates with little to no professional experience.


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